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Natural Ingredients

We strive to find the best raw materials available on the market and go the extra mile with our Seasonal Brews featuring special ingredients grown on the archipelago, some of them even hand-harvested by ourselves.


Committed To Craft

All our craft beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised, and naturally carbonated through secondary fermentation in bottles and kegs. Each recipe is the result of lengthy research and gets tweaked and perfected with every new batch.


Attention To Detail

From water treatment to meticulous temperature control throughout the brewery and the use of a centrifuge, we follow production methods of the highest standards and constantly invest in precision equipment. We strive for high product quality, through standardised methods of production and traceability. Our craft beers are certified to be suitable for vegans.


Maltese & Proud

Malta is our first source of inspiration, from the rich multicultural heritage to the breath-taking landscape. So much so that the look and name of our craft beers reference several iconic Maltese landmarks. We know that beer doesn't travel well, so we're also proud to say that our market is mostly domestic: we distribute to bars, cafes and, restaurants all around Gozo and Malta, and run our own busy taproom which aims to be a haven for locals and tourists alike.


Quality Control

We take great care in testing and analysing every beer during the brewing process and after it leaves the brewery in Gozo. Our laboratory monitors the quality and shelf life of each batch making sure our craft beers are always as brewery-fresh as possible. Our brewery and our brewing processes are ISO 9001 certified.


Small & Independent

We are a small enthusiastic team with a genuine passion for craft brews and an independent spirit. As often as we can, we love collaborating with like-minded breweries or retailers to express our creativity and curiosity for new ingredients and techniques.






Want to learn all about beer and how our brewery operates? Here's your opportunity! One of our brewers will guide you through the brewery explaining everything about ingredients, brewing and cellaring, then finishing off with a tasting session of our freshly brewed beer in our taproom.


We're delighted to present our featured craft beers of this month. In this section you'll find an array of new, coming soon, fan favourites beers and other delights that you'll certainly want to try. All our craft beers in Malta are naturally and locally sourced with hand-picked familiar tastes making each and every craft beer unique from other craft brewers beers.