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67 IPA - Double IPA 6.7% ABV


A double IPA brewed in collaboration with our friends at 67 Kapitali, a specialist beer bar in Valletta. Orange copper in colour and with a generous head, this is a bold beer that demands attention: old school piney and resiny aromas blend in with aromatic citrus and a sweet caramel backdrop. Clean and light bodied but crisp, hoppy, and aggressively bitter. A local favourite.


INGREDIENTS:Water, malted barley, hops, yeast.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Thai and Indian cuisines, pork schnitzels, mature cheddar.

67 IPA - Double IPA 33cl bottle


How to use a 5 L Party Keg

Step 1

Set the mini keg on the counter so that the hole where the tap is on the bottom and faces outwards off the edge.

Step 2

Unscrew the cap covering the hole in the top of the keg by twisting it of 90° to let the pressure come out a bit.

Step 3

Pull the red tap towards you

Step 4

Place the cups underneath the tap, which should be hanging over the side of the counter.

Step 5

Turn the red tap counter-clockwise allowing the beer to flow out. Tilt the glass on at 45 degree angle while pouring to reduce the amount of foam.



Mini-kegs cannot be reused, so just recycle them when they are done.


Artboard 30.png

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