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If you like fruity flavours combined with the bitterness of hops, this pack will blow your mind! Thanks to the collaboration with Chocolate District you can pair our Blue Lagoon with a bitter chocolate enriched with the ingredients that characterise this beer, coriander and bitter orange peel.. try them together for a perfect match!

The HOPS dark chocolate bar is inriched with hops for an even more bitter taste and our speciality beers Revival Rye IPA, Strawberry Peach Sour and Tropical Pale Ale make a divine combo!

Composed by: 

1 x Blue Lagoon Chocolate bar

1 x Hops Chocolate bar

1 x 5 Fruity Beers ( 2 x Blue Lagoon, 1 x Tropical Pale Ale, 1 x Strawberry Peach, 1 x Revival Rye IPA)

Hops and Fruits Loop

    Artboard 30.png

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