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Please note that this product can only be used with the Minikeg Tapping System.


Manhattan - Cocktail Inspired beer - 9% ABV


Lord Chambray decided to venture in a new world where beer meets one of the most famous cocktails of the moment: the Manhattan. Thanks to the creativity of Morris Mau, myxologyst and philanthropist from Milan, this project has been possible. This amber-colored beer pays homage to the famous cocktail, and recalls the flavors of the ingredients that make up the original recipe, including juniper berries and wormwood. You just have to try it!


Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted rye, hops, juniper, wormwood, yeast.

Food pairings: ethnic and spicy cuisine, smoked fish, risotto with mushrooms, semi seasoned cheese.


The Minikeg tapper is a great home tapping system.

Buy your Minikeg and store it in the fridge to bring the beer to the correct serving temperature, put it on the tap as many times as you want and fill your pint!

Attach and detach the keg as many times as you like until the beer is gone!



Manhattan - 3 L Minikeg


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